Murdered: Soul Suspect

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Murdered: Soul Suspect

Post by Nostalgiascape » Sun May 12, 2019 6:09 pm

I love good games that slip through the cracks. Games that no one else was raving about either because they were released at the same time as a mega hit, or critics whose jobs it is to over react in fact over react over a few flaws. KOUDELKA for the PsOne was one such game that I adored.

Another lost ghost story, forgotten unless revealed by some old skeleton like myself, is Murdered: Soul Suspect for the Playstation 3. You play a murdered cop who in ghost form is investigating his own death in Salem Mass, only to run into so much more than what is just on his plate. It is a wonderful game for people who like to get the feels for classic creepy and still have an interesting game to play. Atmosphere atmosphere atmosphere.

One good video for the game on YouTube to search for is

Underrated games that are forgotten. Murdered: Soul Suspect.
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