Friday the 13th Vs Dead by Daylight

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Friday the 13th Vs Dead by Daylight

Post by Nostalgiascape » Wed Jul 17, 2019 11:51 am

Both games are worth owning in my opinion. Friday The 13th gives us Jason in many versions, as well as maps true to the films. Dead By Daylight has eerie maps and unique killers to run from but also released DLCs so that if you play as the killer, you can be Freddy, Michael Myers, Ghostface, Leatherface, or The pig faced killer based on SAW. There is also an Ash vs Evil dead DLC but I'm not sure if Ash is a playable survivor or not. Michael Myers comes with a Haddonfield map.

Dead by Daylight plays as an intense fast moving terror ride and it's not overly complicated. Work with your fellow survivors to get five generators working so that the exit will appear and who ever is alive can make a mad dash. As the killer you break the repaired generators, maul the survivors near to death, then hang the on the sacrifice hooks. Seems simple yet there are always strategies.

In Friday the 13th it's more about tension and build up. The maps are a little bigger and there are many ways to survive. Repair a boat and sail to the safepoint, repair one of two cars and drive to a safe point, Call the police and when they arrive 5 minutes after being called, run to the exit where they are at. Or do everything you can to stay alive for 20 minutes. Jason has mad powers/advantages while the counselors can roll for perks that gives them only a slight chance at surviving longer. This game also has many strategies you must learn.

I could go into it longer but I'd rather recommend you discover these games by watching many gameplay and tutorial videos for both games on YouTube. Personally I like Friday The 13th a little more than Dead By Daylight, and they've both been out more than long enough for there to be bug repairs, but Friday The 13th still has a fair amount of bugs. Some of which you can exploit.

I hope you play and enjoy these games and leave your feedback.
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